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These are comments from customers
who have bought our videos.

Name:    D Choy (Mililani, Hawaii)
Videos:  Heian Kata 1-5
         Essential Basics, Volume One
My daughter and I really enjoy learning the finer points of the Heian Katas from the dvd. We have practiced Shotokan for approximately one and a half years but we do sometimes forget even the basics. Your dvd reinforces what we know and refresh our memory in other areas. One last thing, the way Sensei Anita executes Katas is nothing less than sensational. It's what I call a demonstration of perfect grace and power in motion.


Name:    D McLean (Cold Lake, Canada)
Videos:  Heian Kata 1-5
         Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volumes 1-5
I participate in team Kata in competition and my team mates and I use your Heian 1-5 DVD all the time to help us with our timing and tweek moves. We took Gold at the Western Canada Tournament and Silver in Provincials in Team Kata, along with several individual medals in Kata and Kumite. I believe it has really helped us to be able to follow the excellent instruction on your DVDs when we do extra practice and on the days we don't have direct contact with our Sensei's.

I have a ton of books on kata and techniques, but It's your Kata DVDs that really work for me. Sometimes it is very hard to understand the concepts as they are described in a book. It makes such a difference to be able to actually See the proper form and timing of each move. It's so great to be able to replay the moves again and again until I get it right.

Name:    E. Elzey (New Jersey)
Videos:  Essential Basics, Volume One & Two

Dear Sensei Joel Ertl, Sensei Anita Bendickson

I found your Essential Basics Volumes One and Two to be excellent. I am studying Shotokan Karate, and I find your videos to most helpful in my training.

Sensei Anita Bendickson is meticulous in explaining karate techniques, and Sensei Joel Ertl (and Anita Bendickson - volume 2) are flawless in demonstrating their applications. Essential Basics Volumes I and II have helped me to progress in my study of Shotokan. It is like having my dojo at home.

P.S. I was impressed by the quick and professional manner in which I received your videos

Name:    Morris MacDonald (North York, Canada)
Videos:  Essential Basics, Volume Two & Three
         Heian Kata 1-5
The tapes are excellent. As a father/ daughter (6 years old) newcomer team to karate (05/98), we have found the tapes an excellent reference when practising outside of the dojo. Our katas have dramatically improved with the visual references the tapes provide.

As we progress, we will certainly order more tapes to get your detailed analysis and instruction.

Name:    K. Bloom (Pennsylvania)
Videos:  The entire set of videos

Hi Sensei Ertl,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I am enjoying the training videos. I purchased all of them and of course have a ways to go. I find the ones I have watched very helpful and informative, almost like having you here in Johnstown. Thanks again for the fast service and a great produ ct.

Name:    Warren Sellers (Costa Rica),
Videos:  Heian Kata 1-5

Mr. Ertl, The cassette tape of Heian Kata 1-5 arrived to my post box with no problems, thank you very much for being so prompt. I'm sure that we will be contacting you again for another tape. It is very well done and will help us tremendously. I'm sure our instructor gets very bored with requests of "could I see that move again please?" The english is also great as we are learning the names and commands in Japanese spoken in Spanish by our instructor, who is Italian, which is a bit confusing. So congratulations on such good work and I'm sure you will hear from us again.

Name:    Aaron Lockhart (Anchorage Alaska),

Videos:  JKA Testing Requirements Vol 1 & 2
         Advanced Shotokan Kata Vol 1,2,3,4

Hello Sensei Ertl

I just want to say that your training videos have helped me a lot. Not being able to join a class to practice officially (because of work and school), the videos have helped be maintain a level of proficiency. I was impressed from the start with the videos, it brought back memories of my younger ye ars of training.

I look forward to obtaining more videos from you as my learning and training continues.

Name: S Hokama (Elm, Washington), Videos: Heian 1-5, Sparring Concepts Vol 1 & Vol 2, Essential Basics Vol 1, JKA Test Requirements Vol 1
Thank you very much for the super speedy delivery of the tapes that I ordered ONLY last week. :-)
Already I can see an improvement in our daughter (12 years old and 8th kyu) and son (6 years old and 9th kyu); both of whom have been studying shotokan karate for only 3 months. These tapes are excellent in their content and easy-to-follow instructions. It covers every aspect (and more) that is nee ded for our children in their goal to strive for excellence with black belt effort. :- )

Again, thank you very much! We are totally satisfied and are sharing your catalog with other parents at the dojo. :-)

Name:    Nikolai (Germany),

Videos:  Essential Basics Vol 1,2,3

Dear Sensei Joel,

thank you for the three basic video tapes! This is really high quality. I'm very happy to be able to learn from you. Although I just saw the first tape yet I can say, that not only your skills, but also your detailed step by step explanations are just excellent. I got the tapes at 27.May, so it took ten days from the time you got my check (I waited eager every day!)

Thank you! Nikolai

Name:    M Bartha (Belgian)

Videos:  Heian Kata 1-5

Mr Ertl,

I have received your video and could not be happier. I am a petty officer in the US Navy, currently stationed in Belgian.

I joined a local karate club, this is the first time in 15 years I have found the time. The club members are all Belgian and speak Dutch, my Dutch is not so hot, so I miss some of the details during instruction. Your tape has helped me greatly fill in the details I miss. Thanks again.

I have shown the tape to some of my friends and they are interested in some of the tapes in PAL format.

Name:    P. Harrison (Chicago)

Videos:  Advanced Shotokan Kata Vol 1 & Vol 2,
         Sparring Concepts Vol 2, Essential Basics Vol 3

Thank you for such great service. Monday, I was lamenting not having ordered these tapes sooner... Wednesday they are here!!
Unbelievable response time! (Sen no sen?? - almost!)

Domo arigato gozaimasu

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